Sick Kid Strep Is No Fun Traffic Circle Crash Haircut Fan

It’s been a fun-filled few days around Chez Frye. Testiclese wasn’t acting quite like himself when I picked him up from Parkour on Sunday. By dinner he was complaining of a headache, sore throat and had a fever. By the next day he had a rash on his body. Hello Strep. The poor little guy […]

Food Posts are Boring But I’m Doing It Anyway (7334))

I’m addicted to this song by Urban Species, featuring Imogen Heap. Listen to the song while reading, if you like. Why do I love her so much when she collaborates with other musicians but hate her solo work so badly? How can you be sublime and suck at the same time? I guess I have a […]

WTF (7325-7327)

My traffic has slowed down a bit since I stopped blogging every day; I figured that would happen. I usually check out my stats once a day to see what people are looking for. This search engine term stopped me in my tracks: “little girl licking feet image” What the fuck, people?! What is even […]

Day Four: It Gets Worse (7102-7112)

It’s day four of the It-Gets-Worse-Before-It-Gets-Better Project. It got pretty bad today. Everything that was once in the eBay room is now off the second floor and was all over the first floor. I can’t live with my house torn apart so I moved everything to the sunroom. We got our first major snowstorm of […]

Colorado Pole Championship Faves (6461-6538)

The photos and videos from the Colorado Pole Championship that happened last weekend finally got uploaded. I could hardly wait to share my favorite performances of the evening, many of which also happened to also be the judges’ favorites. What I loved about the judging criteria is that the entire performance was taken into consideration. […]