I Can’t Write Anything That Isn’t Angry

I’m up to my twitching eyelids in local politics as I defend my livelihood from the deaf ears of City Council who have deemed renting out rooms in my licensed and inspected house on AirBnB and VRBO to be “socially unjust.” That’s a quote. Perhaps they need a reminder about what social injustice actually looks like. […]

The Other 99 Percent (6908-6910)

I blog about the interesting things in my life, but my day-to-day is actually quite pedestrian. That is when I’m not hosting pole deities or going to crazy parties. For the most part I consider myself in the housekeeping business. Lonny and I run two fairly popular short-term rentals which means we clean lots of […]

The Fade Away (4768-4777)

There is only one thing that fills my stomach with palpable, nauseating, churning dread (aside my mother’s disapproval, of course) and that’s double booking my vacation rental. I have owned and managed a couple vacation rentals for over five years and have only double booked a date once, and there was a cascading series of […]