I’m Still Alive

I haven’t blogged since last week and I’m fairly certain that I have a message on my phone from my dad (Hi Dad!) inquiring about my well-being. I’m fine, just too “busy” having a good time to write. Bettyfest in Keystone with Pamcakes and the crew was fantastic. We ate copious amount of fondu, slept, […]

Fangirl (6321-6333)

My stats tell me that no one reads my blog on the weekends so it doesn’t really matter what I write today (Saturday) just as long as I get rid of some crap. So I’m going to fangirl out and wax rhapsodic about David C. Owen who is asleep in my guest room as I […]

Check Me Out (5485-5519)

Tuesday is my new favorite night. With the opening of Vertical Fusion in Boulder, I have a place to take lessons and grow as a dancer. I’ve been taking pole technique classes, often starting over at the beginning to get back up to speed and feel confident again. The lights are up, the classes are […]

Embarrassing Videos (5125-5126)

I can’t face my house. I can’t face it because I can’t stand anyone in it right now, including me. Instead I hid out in the pole studio and goofed off with the funnest group of people you could find. Lemony was there but she was being all business owner-like and doing work. Tsk. That […]

Sleeping Hunks and Hot Chicks (4689-4701)

Today is the soft opening of Vertical Fusion Boulder. Way back when I used to love pole dancing. I loved taking classes, I loved teaching, I loved moving my body, I loved the ladies (and gentlemen) who shared my passion. I am truly grateful for the things I learned and people I met. Then I […]