All I Want For Christmas Is My Son’s Front Tooth

Today was scary. I was chatting with the ladies at the playground after school when my third grader came running up to me. He had been playing “groundies” on the jungle gym, some kind of tag game that the kids are fond of. I’ve seen it played with closed eyes, which I’ve discouraged for obvious […]

One Bite Bar (6625-6636)

I stopped off at Whole Foods on my way home from the real grocery store where I do most of my shopping (King Soopers). But I like to get my meat at Whole Foods because it’s the closest place to get organic local meat that isn’t raised entirely on feedlots. Everyone has to have their […]

Tortures of the Damned (5767-5795)

Summer is over and … wait for it … I am going to start complaining about school. It’s not school exactly, but the homework bit is already killing me. And my kids are in first and third grade. I’m not exactly struggling with the material, but I have two stubborn and ungrateful boys who need […]

Extra High Quality Post (5290-5335)

There’s something new about me. Can you guess what it is? Yes, I cut my hair, but I just trimmed my own bangs in a fit of frustration (to disastrous effect) because I’m waiting for my hairdresser to get back. But it’s not that; it’s something else. Something good. The fact that this post didn’t […]

Savor the Memories (4498-4507)

It’s the weekend which means Kiddy Birthday Parties Galore. On the one hand, it is E-Z parenting. All I have to do is show up and let someone else feed and entertain my kids for a couple hours. Bonus! Today was Harmy’s daughter’s birthday so I could kick it in the shade while chatting up […]