Chatty Cathy (4273-4275)

I couldn’t believe that Pamcakes agreed to run the TitleNine Mother’s Day Race with me. We’ve never run together before and it was a spur-of-the-moment thing on her part. As we stood in line and waited for the race to start, I informed her that I am very chatty when I run. She looked at […]

Mother’s Day Race (4229-4236)

It’s Mother’s Day and in my usual fashion I ran the TitleNine 9k (it’s actually 10K but it wasn’t as rhymie) with Pamcakes. We din’t get around to making the t-shirts, but we planned on being Team Off-The-Couch because we did exactly zero training runs. Well, Pamcakes ran three times, but that’s hardly hard-core training. […]

Accident Prone (4110-4140)

I have a wonderful friend, actually a couple of them, who seem to have the most accident prone dogs. I’m coming to realize that they aren’t extra accident prone, it’s just that dogs by nature are accident prone. Like today with my big, stupid dog. I had him on a short leash that was attached […]