21 Hours To Go (5224-5289)

I’m going to censor myself because I don’t really have anything worth writing. Suffice to say, tomorrow is the first day of school and I hope life will become a little less stressful. The cumulative effect of all the pressures on me right now (most of which I don’t write about but I don’t want […]

It’s Getting Ugly (3912-3921)

Today I decided that I would postpone my trip to help a friend sort through her basement. This is not a time for me to rush to anyone else’s rescue. Today, I need to save myself and tomorrow I promise to be funny again. She called me in a panic several months ago about the […]

If You Have to Be Mentally Ill to Blog Then I’m In (1952-1965)

Have you ever noticed that some of the funniest writers are crazy mentally ill? At least my favorite ones are. Their struggles with anxiety and depression are not foreign to me. My first foray into blogging was a private blog devoted to pictures and stories about my kids. Then Apple decided they didn’t feel like […]

Panic Attack: (Items 180-208)

Yesterday I thought I was having a heart attack. I had a sharp squeezing sensation under my tongue and in my jaw that migrated into my chest. It went in waves and lasted several minutes. I thought maybe it was the flu coming on so I Googled Heart Attack Symptoms in Women and read, “Even though […]