Pajama Jeans

So imagine the horror on everyone’s face when I was at a gathering of my mother’s friends and something cracked me up and I started laughing uncontrollably and 10 year-old me burst out, “I THINK I’M STONED!”

Colorado Pole Championship 2016

It’s those bleary early morning and late night conversations that are rewarding and memorable. When the eyelashes are off and the hair is in a ponytail is when I get to see the complex individual behind the carefully crafted public persona.

It’s Amazing! (4373-4382)

A  friend informed me that I say amazing too much. He didn’t actually tell me that I say amazing too much, he was more passive-aggressive about it. For ages I thought he’d been mocking an unknown irritating person who offended his ears by overusing the word, but only last night did I realize I’m that person! […]