Time For New Nicknames

My kids were little when I started my blog and at the time it never occurred to me that they would ever be able to read. For a while I operated under the assumption that I could maintain some semblance of anonymity ON THE INTERNET and assigned pseudonyms to my family members and friends. I didn’t […]

Day Five: Rounding the Bend (7113-7123)

Today started bright and early at 7am when Shé showed up. She wanted to start early because she had to leave before noon to babysit. It was pretty obvious that she wouldn’t be able to get the painting done today but she wanted to put a dent in it. Then she got a call around […]

Day Four: It Gets Worse (7102-7112)

It’s day four of the It-Gets-Worse-Before-It-Gets-Better Project. It got pretty bad today. Everything that was once in the eBay room is now off the second floor and was all over the first floor. I can’t live with my house torn apart so I moved everything to the sunroom. We got our first major snowstorm of […]

Office Shuffle: Day One (6940-6950)

My year is almost up and I want to go out with a bang. I don’t think it’s any surprise that my house is not a glossy magazine photo of serenity, but I’d like to have something to show for my efforts. Almost a year ago I declared that I wanted a room of my […]