Potty Talk

Most parents (or child-care involved people) will know about the potty talk phase. It’s when kids are obsessed with bodily functions. It usually subsides after about a year of telling them to knock it off but it has only gotten worse. Not my kids. Me. For a while I appeared to be obsessed with writing […]

Dirty Old Lady

I’ve been racking my brain for the female equivalent for dirty old man and all I can come up with is cougar. Well there’s a pleasant surprise. For once the female term is a shade less derogatory than the male term. You know, like the only male word for slut is stud, which has positive connotations. Yes, cougars […]

Vivienne Palmer, Medicine Woman

How am I doing? Not so good. But don’t worry, this isn’t a cry for help. I felt that creeping pain start in my middle back and work its way up to my chest so I took a break from processing 100 cups of cherries to pop a anti-anxiety pill. And write. Both make me feel […]

Marital Rejection (7323-7324)

Loony and I have been watching Orange is the New Black after the kids go to bed. We binged on Breaking Bad, Homeland and Justified (binging, as in watching them all the way through at the blazing rate of two episodes a week). If we don’t make a date to watch a show together, I […]