Acadia In Three Days

We only had three days on Acadia National Park before we had to move on to our next destination (with WIFI!) which is why I’m blasting the last three days at you all at once. I have to do something in the car… Speaking of WI-FI (or zee wee fee, as I like to say with […]

Sing Ho To The Open Road

I spent my summers during high school with my mother in Newark, New Jersey. She lived in student housing while getting her Ph.D. at Rutgers and the upshot was that I was trapped inside a high-rise dorm for pretty much two months each year. She was busy with classes and I was unable to leave […]

Once A Cheater (4436-4440)

I’m finally back from my epic cross-country road trip. I realize that epic is a vastly overused word but it totally applies to my vacation. We decided to get back a day early and essentially drove non-stop for 26 hours. The good news is that we rolled into town around 10am which gave me almost […]