The Perks of Sleeping In Your Clothes (4186-4198)

I fell asleep fully clothed last night. I had the foresight to brush my teeth before watching Justified with Zeb after the kids went to bed. I’m not sure what I like about that show. I mean, it’s kind of fun to watch hillbillies and meth-heads engage in feudal warfare, and I developed a mini-crush […]

False Imprisonment (1558-1597)

I’m feeling very random today, and wordy. So is Zeb. He’s doing weird things to the dog. My neighbor called to ask me if I had a bolo tie she could borrow. I was like, “You’re kidding, right? You want to know if I have a bolo tie? How about 200?” Zeb has an enormous collection […]

Loves Me Some Black Cock (1394-1416)

It’s a late post for me today because I took the kids to the National Western Stock Show and Super Dogs performance. I am a sucker for the stock show although I don’t relish pondering the fate of the lovely animals. I ate a vegan sack lunch in protest. I find stock shows to be a […]