Nobody’s Bitch

Bartleby is ridiculously attached to me having spent the entire day doing errands and sitting on my lap. I busted out the baby sling and he’s pleased as punch to hang out in it all day.

One Year Anniversary & Last Day of School (4331-4240)

Today I’m deep in sewing projects and end-of-year parties so this will be a short post about my dog. And kids. Again. I wish that every day’s post was on par with yesterday’s masterpiece, but hey, I am not regularly in the presence of greatness, either. We got Blue just about a year ago from […]

Happy Birthday Blue (3957-3969)

It’s Blue’s birthday! He turned three today and it’s also the anniversary (more or less) of his joining our family. Of course we had to do something special. Me: What should we get Blue for his birthday? Testicles: Let’s get him a marrow bone. Or a cow penis! Aw shit. The Bully Stick incident. My […]

Unsolicited Insults (1986-1995)

We had a whopper of a storm yesterday but today was perfect for a hike with Big Blue. I had him on leash when an older man crested the hill ahead of me. I pulled my earbuds out and stopped to be sociable. He was smiling and (seemed) friendly and said, “Nice dog. What’s that […]

Dog Massage

Blue brings out interesting responses in people. Great Danes tend to garner lots of attention, but it’s getting ridiculous. Yesterday we passed a woman who was really into him and I was like, “You can have him. I’ll even throw in a bag of dog food.” She asked me if she could give him a […]