How Much Am I Worth? (7124-7144)

I’m a big fucking bummer today people. Be warned, I say “fuck” a lot in this post. I wrote this blog last night and was feeling really sorry for Lonny and maybe a tad bit generous. I have since hardened my heart. But this is what I wrote: ——————– Mostly I think Lonny needs our […]

Office Shuffle: Day One (6940-6950)

My year is almost up and I want to go out with a bang. I don’t think it’s any surprise that my house is not a glossy magazine photo of serenity, but I’d like to have something to show for my efforts. Almost a year ago I declared that I wanted a room of my […]

Why Does Blogging Take So Much Time? (6896-6903)

Yesterday I wrote what I considered to be a one-off blog post: nothing special, just something to put up. Completely unmemorable. Granted, I was distracted with kids and ordering Thai food for dinner (I’m so sick of the kitchen) but I was shocked to discover that between editing the photos and writing the stupid thing, […]

Human Sweatball (6857-6860)

Yesterday at Marlo’s training I experienced what is common among my beginning students: sweaty palms. It happens when I get nervous. Marlo taught a sample “beginner” class (although I’ve never been in a beginner class that required four-and-a- half minutes of solid dancing, climbs and castoff holds but she said was making it more interesting […]

All I Got (6854-6855)

I don’t have much to say today. Actually, I do. I’m just too worn out from a day of training for the elevatED Pole Instructor Training Certification Program with Marlo Fisken. It’s a fantastic program and I’m learning so much. Such as: !) I can’t pole for shit. 2) I will never be as good […]

Too Soon? (6825-6832)

My mind is a blank. It might have something to do with those two margaritas Lonny and I had at Pete’s just now. It’s my first foray into drinks since Friday and it still feels a bit too soon. We ran into a fellow party organizer and the conversation quickly turned to what we are […]

Chickens (4676-4686)

I have chickens on the brain. For one, Tabby’s chihuahua was bitten in the face by a rattlesnake the other day. Inexplicably she named him Popcorn Chicken but I just call him Chicky. Her other pets are named Werm, Mushroom, Pugs, The Cat, and The Other Cat. Poor little Chicky weighs only five pounds and […]

Why Won’t You Let Me Love You? (4582-4592)

The Macbook Air saga continues. Despite Minion’s efforts to fix my wi-fi issues, I am still finding myself with sporadic internet. I figured it would be less aggravating to go to the Apple store and hand my computer over to a “genius” to fix. My intention was to have the previous (and less buggy) operating […]

A Doctor Teaches About Leprosy (4537-4548)

I had put on the Secret Society Meeting agenda a viewing of “A Doctor Teaches About Leprosy” before I sell the whole shebang on eBay but alas, we never got around to it. And Ann Marie was so excited about it. We were far too busy UrbanDictionary-ing the meaning of Cream Pie. Oh, and FYI, […]

Glutton For Punishment (4447-4452)

I’m feeling much better today, thank you. Eleven hours of solid sleep really makes a big difference in knocking back the fatigue. I crashed at 6pm and woke up around 5am. The irritation I felt at Zeb for letting the kids sleep in their clothes (filthy from being at the park) on a bare mattress […]