Project 3650: Items 667-793 This Is F*cking Awesome

I just tapped into the best resource ever – local moms! I posted my blog on their Yahoo group and now I’m getting requests pouring in for my free (or cheap) goodies. This is so awesome. Or to quote the Macklemore song Thrift Shop, This is fucking awesome! Aside from this song being totally dope […]

Panic Attack: (Items 180-208)

Yesterday I thought I was having a heart attack. I had a sharp squeezing sensation under my tongue and in my jaw that migrated into my chest. It went in waves and lasted several minutes. I thought maybe it was the flu coming on so I Googled Heart Attack Symptoms in Women and read, “Even though […]

Project 3650: Items 48-59

Gotta rush out the door to walk the dog and get a haircut (hooray) but I’ve got to get my daily purge in. First on the block are five bags of organic, homegrown peaches (TAKEN). We’ve got some very productive peach trees that we can never keep up with. I can’t stand to see them […]