Dog Sitting (2094-2102)

Day Two of taking care of Pugsly. He is an odd little dog and though I barely tolerate adore him (especially on walks when he tires out Blue) I’m having a hard time figuring out why people like small dogs. Except for the small poop, small teeth, small food bill and cuteness factor, they are a […]

Ice Anemone (2069-2084)

I stopped for some day-olds from The Breadworks and spotted this little miracle. The spray had come off the hubcap of this car just so and made this wonderful pattern in ice. I didn’t have a camera so I left a note on the windshield to point out this beauty and ask the owner to email […]

Illegal Dog-Fighting Ring Uncovered!!!

My money is on the small, black one. This might be one of the reasons why Blue doesn’t play well with others. He’s used to running over Pugs and Werm and they just tell him off. He likes it and they don’t seem to mind, aside from the snarling and yapping. Given how excited they […]