Flow Chart (2103-2115)

Yesterday was a big day with my coverage in the Daily Camera. I got spoiled by having my 1000+ hits and it kind of threw me. However, my main purpose even if no one reads my blog is to get rid of stuff and gain back my life. I didn’t get rid of anything new but I […]

Today, The Daily Camera. Tomorrow, the Huffington Post!

My Blog in the Paper! Aimee Heckel wrote this great piece about me in the Boulder Daily Camera! Thanks Aimee! Now where’s that picture of your box of junk? I might just have to stick a pin in Mr. Monkey if you don’t produce the proof.

Vampire Infestation (1702-1721)

I’m certain this house has a vampire problem. Let me explain. I used to be with a major horror film aficionado. As a result I’ve seen just about every Dario Argento, Italian horror, disgusting Asian fetish film ever made. I have forgotten more horror films than most people will ever see in a lifetime. His best […]

The Most Depressing Kids’ Book Ever (1669-1691)

I have a book in my house I’m dying to get rid of. But I can’t. Scrote picked it up in the free bin and gave it to me for Mother’s Day several years back. He even signed his name in it. I know why he selected it, it’s about hippos and he loves hippos, […]

Revenge Will Be His (1649-1668)

I’m having a hard time concentrating right now. Scrote and Testy have gotten into something in the other room. It started out conspiratorial but the tone quickly shifted to whining, then pleading, then crying, okay, Testy is yelling OW-OW-OW-OW-OW! Zeb and I got up at the same time to investigate but he beat me to […]

Scary Technology (1508-1527)

You may have noticed that I added a FAQ page to my menu bar along the top. I’ve wanted one of those forever but technology is sooo scary and it took me a few months to work up the nerve to figure it out. And I call myself a technocrat. I answered a few questions […]

Loves Me Some Black Cock (1394-1416)

It’s a late post for me today because I took the kids to the National Western Stock Show and Super Dogs performance. I am a sucker for the stock show although I don’t relish pondering the fate of the lovely animals. I ate a vegan sack lunch in protest. I find stock shows to be a […]

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (1376-1393)

I’ve wondered if this breakneck pace of purging might sabotage the overall effort. Getting rid of stuff every day, and blogging every day, could be a recipe for burn-out. I feel like that crazy exercise/eating disorder person at the gym that everyone feels sorry for (okay, me) who worries that if she doesn’t work out […]

Insufferable Smugness (1220-1336)

Zeb sent me a nifty blog about unplugging so you don’t miss your children’s childhoods. It got me writing what – upon reflection – is an insufferable, holier-than-thou, sanctimonious treatise on why I am a superior parent. I’m gonna put it at the bottom if you want to have a nice laugh at my expense. […]

Party in the Bathroom! (1163-1204)

After posting the whiniest blog ever, I retreated to the shower while Lonny was still out with the kids at a birthday party. I turned off the lights, set the water on hot and got in. 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …and the kids barged in brandishing goodies from the party […]