One Small Step for My Entryway …

Every few years I undertake a big home improvement project. Thanks to a rather unexpected early repayment of a loan (thanks Lemony!) I found myself with enough money to check off something that’s been on my list for years. The entry. I’ve always had the dream of being able to organize each person’s shoes, backpacks, […]

Flow Chart (2103-2115)

Yesterday was a big day with my coverage in the Daily Camera. I got spoiled by having my 1000+ hits and it kind of threw me. However, my main purpose even if no one reads my blog is to get rid of stuff and gain back my life. I didn’t get rid of anything new but I […]

Today, The Daily Camera. Tomorrow, the Huffington Post!

My Blog in the Paper! Aimee Heckel wrote this great piece about me in the Boulder Daily Camera! Thanks Aimee! Now where’s that picture of your box of junk? I might just have to stick a pin in Mr. Monkey if you don’t produce the proof.

My Bloody Valentine (1966-1975)

It’s Valentine’s Day! In honor of the most overhyped pseudo-holiday of the year I shall write a touching meditation on love. This morning at Mt. Sanitas I witnessed what had to be the most unbridled display of passion ever. Something with big teeth and claws had taken down a deer about 20 yards off the trail […]

Out of Boulder Experience (1917-1951)

I attended a Tet (Vietnamese New Year) celebration in Denver the other night. It takes a lot to get me out of Boulder, if I can’t get there by bike it might as well be on a different planet. It’s a common Boulder state of mind. Nonetheless I loaded the minivan up with a bunch […]

Viv on the Verge (1867-1916)

I am in a dark place today although I shouldn’t. I’ve reached the halfway mark of my original goal of 3,650 items and should be celebrating. Instead I am feeling a panic attack coming on. Really. Maybe it’s because the boys have been cooped up in the house all day and have gotten “creative”, or […]

No Freebies (1852-1866)

A friend of mine wrote that he was happy to see the return of pole dancing pictures on my blog. I told him that I de-emphasized the pole content in order to widen my audience. He was surprised that there was anyone who didn’t like the pole pictures. What a sweetie. I guest blogged for […]

Vintage Aprés Ski Party (1812-1854)

The boys are into a show called Merlin. It isn’t animated, doesn’t sell toys or cereal, and doesn’t feature coked up actors acting like idiots so it’s okay by me. Testy said, “I like Merlin because even though it is a grown up show there is NO KISSING. And that makes it my kind of […]

The Most Depressing Kids’ Book Ever (1669-1691)

I have a book in my house I’m dying to get rid of. But I can’t. Scrote picked it up in the free bin and gave it to me for Mother’s Day several years back. He even signed his name in it. I know why he selected it, it’s about hippos and he loves hippos, […]

False Imprisonment (1558-1597)

I’m feeling very random today, and wordy. So is Zeb. He’s doing weird things to the dog. My neighbor called to ask me if I had a bolo tie she could borrow. I was like, “You’re kidding, right? You want to know if I have a bolo tie? How about 200?” Zeb has an enormous collection […]