Ham Phone (5049-5110)

Jefé told me about the best prank ever, it’s called Ham Phone. You sneak someone’s mobile phone and when they aren’t looking, you remove the battery, place a super thin slice of deli ham (although any meat will work) under the battery but not covering up the conduits. Then replace the battery and the cover […]

Dreadlock Fallout (2670-2683)

I don’t know about those CPAs. They are SERIOUSLY CRAY! Yesterday I told you about how their inter-office gross-out contest escalated to Pamcakes acquiring a contraband dreadlock from yours truly. It’s been a long 48 hours to wait for the payoff, but it finally came today. Good morning Joe! How about a nice, steaming, dreadlock […]

Dip, House Fires and Practical Jokes (2116-2149)

These aren’t mine. The belong to Aimee, my newest devotee in the cult of minimalism. She asked for my mobile number because she wanted to “send me a picture.” Sexting! Yay! I’ve always wanted to see her boobies! Instead she sent me pictures of her junk. Even better. She’s gearing up for the anger/hatred that […]