You Get To See Linda Twerking

I couldn’t think of a better title but I figured this might get my stats booming … … but you are going to have to endure pictures of my dog first … … “Nitro” limbering up for his turn on the pole at the POLEder Boulder … … me showing of my extremely muscular nostrils and […]

2013 POLEder Boulder Recap

The 2013 POLEder Boulder was a huge success! It has been so long since I’ve danced in public that I was nervous about this event. It started with me dropping off the X-stage (my new nemesis) at Harmy’s house along with brunch for the next day’s party. I went to bed early and woke up […]

A Response to Teachers Condemn ‘raunch culture’ for Fueling Sexism

A colleague of mine sent me this article from The Independent titled “Teachers condemn ‘raunch culture’ for fuelling (sic) sexism under the guise of irony and empowerment” by Alison Kershaw. I’m used this kind of criticism and I’d be lying if I said that some of the arguments didn’t resonate on some level. I’m neither an academic […]

Bodybinds Masthead

Bodybinds Masthead I entered a photo my butterfly costume in a Bodybinds contest several months ago. They said whoever got the most votes would be used on their promotional masthead. I got off Facebook before the contest ended so imagine my surprise when Twirl Girl informed me that my picture was up there, and in […]

An Evening of Mindful Movement

Tabby wrote up a recap of the performances (including mine) at her Angel Organic event: An Evening of Mindful Movement at Shine. I am flattered and humbled to have performed with such a diverse group of talented people. Everyone embodied mindfulness in their physical/spiritual practices. The support and love in the room was palpable. A […]

No Freebies (1852-1866)

A friend of mine wrote that he was happy to see the return of pole dancing pictures on my blog. I told him that I de-emphasized the pole content in order to widen my audience. He was surprised that there was anyone who didn’t like the pole pictures. What a sweetie. I guest blogged for […]

Occupational Hazard (1751-1765)

I am performing at a fundraiser for Tabby’s non-profit this Saturday at Shine. It has been a rocky road to this event. When I first signed on I was teaching, since then my relationship with the studio ended and I found myself without a home and a community to encourage my progress. It takes a lot of courage […]

You Should Take My Class (1359-1375)

There are some amazing bloggers out there. Last night I ventured out of my hole and into the Freshly Pressed arena and discovered Lily in Canada  and The Jiggly Bits, a couple blogs by women with hilarious voices. I say discovered as if I have some cache, which I don’t. Actually, it seems that everyone but […]

Stiff As A Board or Things That Go Poop In the Night

It’s five in the morning and I’m up blogging. Why? For one, the stupid dog slipped the fence yesterday and stole a rotisserie chicken from the crazy guy painting the house. He ate it, bones and all. The last time he did this (it was a pound of carnitas, not the Halloween candy, as I […]