Pole Theatre 2016: Why I Host

The most important thing to report is that I TOOK A LAP DANCE CLASS WITH STEVEN RETCHLESS!

Pole Theater USA, Part 1: Fryelife

Part one of a very important (har) three-part series recap of the Pole Theater USA experience.

And One Time, At Pole Camp …

Lonny has been very concerned about what’s happening at pole camp. Most importantly, he is worried that we won’t set up the pole. And wouldn’t that be so embarrassing for us (and disappointing for him)? I think his imagination kind of ran away from him when I told him that we were going to spend […]

Taking Steamboat

Hey everybody! I’m at a retreat! I haven’t been on a retreat since I was 18 years-old. Why the 23 year hiatus? 1) Several years of repeated attempts to brainwash me and extort free underage child-labor kind of left a bad taste in my mouth, and 2) This is the first retreat I’ve been invited […]