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Tuesday is my favorite day of the week because it’s when Dan Savage drops his most recent episode of the Savage Lovecast. I love sharing podcasts with likeminded friends, I consider it a type of free-form bookclub. It turns out that Junebug is also a major podcast junkie, I’ve turned her onto my favorites and […]

Feeling Beautiful: Empowerment Through Photography by Nina Reed

My friend Nina Reed (AKA The Norwegian Nanny) is a guest blogger for Bodybinds. She asked everyone she knew if they would be willing to model a Bodybind for a piece she wrote and naturally I volunteered. Read her post here. Thanks Nina, for letting me play around in your Black Couture Collection Diamond monokini! […]

Shooting With Elizabeth Lee Cantrell

I started artist modeling when I was 19 and at the University of Colorado, Boulder. My mother is a fine artist and I remember being a child and knocking around the halls of the University of Utah Art Department while she was in class. I often caught glimpses of nude models posing for classes which […]