In Full Swing

As the night wore on and I got more drunk I asked some question that I can’t remember and Loony answered, “It might be the panda.”

Cat and Dogs (6565-6576)

Blue woke me up at 5:30 and wanted to go out so naturally I took the little dog out, too before he got any ideas about relieving himself on any old thing inside. Did you know that he acts like a princess when it comes to getting his feet wet? He’s rather indiscriminate that way. […]

Brutal Honesty (4718-4725)

There has been some seriously brutal honesty on my blog of late. One of my readers has been taking me to task on my punctuation. I don’t mind this at all because she isn’t like, “It’s your, not you’re, you dumbass.” She’s nice about it and she’s doing me a favor. If I ever become […]

Unsolicited Insults (1986-1995)

We had a whopper of a storm yesterday but today was perfect for a hike with Big Blue. I had him on leash when an older man crested the hill ahead of me. I pulled my earbuds out and stopped to be sociable. He was smiling and (seemed) friendly and said, “Nice dog. What’s that […]

Packaging Diet (1976-1985)

For years I have been in the habit of tucking a Tupperwear in my bag when I dine out so I can avoid disposable t0-go boxes. It’s not quite as old lady as wrapping food in a napkin and stuffing it in my purse, but it’s close. It turns out that I’ve been ahead of […]