Pole Theater USA, Pt 3: My Faves

I realize that Pole Theater was, like, a month ago and this is old news but as usual life gets in the way of blogging. The first reading of City Council’s draft ordinance was last week and I promised myself that I wouldn’t get caught up in excessive flailing about and gnashing of teeth. If […]

Pole Theater USA, Part 1: Fryelife

Part one of a very important (har) three-part series recap of the Pole Theater USA experience.

Pole Expo 2014

I hurt my back today. Again. Bad. I should have known better because Tabby and I were both talking about how much we hate Bosu Ball workouts yet I took a group fitness class that used, you guessed it, Bosu Balls. I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with Bosu workouts. The idea is […]

Natasha Wang Keeps Getting Mistaken For Me …

… it happens all the time. I had recent uptick in my Process of Elimination project after a rather lengthy hiatus. You’d want a break, too, after getting rid of crap every day for a year! There is part of me that resists finishing projects, I’m not sure where it comes from but suffice to […]

Pre-Vacation Freak Out

I’m in the pre-vacation flurry of activity. With Spring Break just a few days away, I have a lot of work to do because WE’RE GOING TO JAMAICA! Loony is excited to see tropical birds. I’m excited to not cook, clean, make a bed or walk the dog for a week. The boys are excited but […]