Last Drunk Post of the Year

A Bat Mitzvah was the perfect thing for me to do on NYE and still be able to be in bed and/or drunk posting by 9:00.

Yet Another Midlife Crisis

I realize that aside Asian characters are the most cliché thing for a non-Asian to get tattooed with (I am part Asian, but I’m not considering Vietnamese words because Haruki Murakami isn’t Vietnamese and Haruki Murakami written in English takes up too much space) birds are the next most cliché thing.

Kitchen Bitches

If you are feeling all boo-hoo that you weren’t invited, I posted many photos of the party as it was going on and you know you could have shown up to, um, borrow a cup of sugar

Stuff I Like to Write About

Smellcome? Manhood? Jesus, did an adult write this? They should have ran it by me first unless they were trying to elicit an juvenile reaction in which case THEY NAILED IT!