Tiny House (6254-6266)

Tonight I put the kids to bed and curled up with my iPad and cheesy Nicholas Sparks flick. Aside from having watched the kissing montages from The Notebook over and over again, I’m not a huge fan of his oeuvre. Watching Safe Haven wasn’t so much a fulfillment of my heart’s desire (although my heart […]

Igloos and How to Deal With 8000 Records (2468-2522)

We got another snowstorm yesterday, thank God, which meant I had two things on my agenda. One, go to the grocery store and stock up on milk and bread because that’s what you’re supposed to do and two, take the boys sledding. We have friends who live in the foothills and they always get more […]

Dip, House Fires and Practical Jokes (2116-2149)

These aren’t mine. The belong to Aimee, my newest devotee in the cult of minimalism. She asked for my mobile number because she wanted to “send me a picture.” Sexting! Yay! I’ve always wanted to see her boobies! Instead she sent me pictures of her junk. Even better. She’s gearing up for the anger/hatred that […]

Why Am I Doing This? (1996-2005)

Hey. I’m hiding in the guest room. Don’t tell anyone where I am. I’ve been so caught up in my own world of writing and perpetual spring cleaning that I failed to notice that it’s President’s Day is coming up which means it’s a three-day weekend, which actually is a four-day weekend because that’s how […]

Project 3650: Items 436-463

So this is my 14th day doing this, the two week mark. I’m starting to actually notice the  effects. Closets aren’t quite so packed, cabinets make sense, I’m getting a little more breathing room. All this comes when Lonny is deep in a coat drive. He volunteers for a local church that offers clothing and […]

Project 3650: Items 83-124

For this whole thing to work I have to not only identify and blog about what I want to get rid of. I actually have to get rid of it. Those mini video tapes I haven’t looked at in years but have been sitting on the counter? I have to throw them away. Even after […]