Thanksgiving 2020

I saw Marcia over Thanksgiving. Yes, yes, I know, Covid and staying home. But this wasn’t about turkeys or family traditions that can be put off another year. This is about seeing someone perhaps for the last time. So I went with my boys after having gotten tested. I want them to know her and […]

Dreamscapes and Memory Lane

Loony says his favorite dreams are ones where he is finding stuff at estate sales, treasure trove after treasure trove of valuable vintage clothes to sell on eBay. It figures. My favorite dreams are where I find new rooms in our house. Last night I dreamt I discovered an entire floor. It was in bad shape […]

My Inspiration (6812-6820)

I was only 13 years-old when I met Marcia. She was in her 50’s and we were an unlikely match yet we quickly became very good friends. Naturally she started off as a maternal figure, although she was so open and accepting that her motherly advice didn’t carry any judgement or reprimand. She always, always, […]