The Cat Peed In The Toilet (and other internet mysteries)

Isn’t the internet a mystery? One second you are checking out some blogs, surfing around, and the next thing you know you are watching a cat pee into a toilet. Will wonders never cease? I have been this close to giving up on toilet training That Fucking Cat for the last month or so. We […]

To Do Or To Write, That is the Question

I haven’t felt like writing much lately. I’ve been caught between wanting to live life and feeling the need to write about it. To do or to write? That is the question. But my dad probably wants to know if 1) I’m still alive and 2) what’s going on. Yes. I’m still alive. Here’s what’s […]

Litter Kwitter Modification

I am blogging from a woman’s “retreat” up in the mountains. I’ve always struggled with girly retreats because I don’t think I’m feminine enough. While female, I don’t get into super girly stuff and girly stuff is what most ladies’ retreats are all about. I think the condition of my feet should be indicative of […]

Litter Kwitter: Amber Alert!

That Fucking Cat has been doing great with the Litter Kwitter on the green setting, which is essentially a modified litter box set to fit inside the toilet. But she’s getting the hang of it. Aside from occasionally turning around and peeing off the edge onto the floor (grrr) she’s accepted it as her place […]

Kitty Sheisse Video

I dutifully walk Blue every day, two to three miles at a shot depending on the weather. I love my neighborhood and nothing makes me happier than listening to a good book while taking in the fresh air with my big boy, even on a drab and gray day. My family never comes with me […]

Cutting the Kitten Crap (6821-6824)

If there is one good thing I can say about our former cat, Frank, it’s that he liked to poop outside. Then he disappeared and I got a replacement new kitten and I LOVE HER. The boys love her. Blue loves her. Even Minion loves her even though he claims to hate cats. Minion: “She’s […]