Dog Days of Summer

I pondered the great irony that so far our trips have turned into fiascos because the same kid had to take a shit.

Mother of the Week

I read a parenting book that said when you are overwhelmed with your own kids, just invite a few more over and it will make it easier. I was all, bitch please.

Beautiful Strangers

Just a few things on this very snow day because even though it is 9am, I’ve already shoveled for an hour, walked the stupid dog, experimented with a new recipe and made a new friend. Jasmine, a lovely young lady who works(ed) at Leaf knocked on my door to say hi and tell me how […]

A Love Letter to Truck Stop Pie

Before you stands a new woman! I finally got a good night’s sleep. I can’t believe I am about to wax rhapsodic about a Best Western and a truck stop, but I am. (Shut up JT) I have slept in some monumentally shitty beds and eaten some extremely overpriced food in the last week so […]