Thanksgiving Hangover

Thanksgiving was such a lovely day! We started by taking the boys to a neighborhood Thanksgiving parade (i.e. the adults drink Bloody Marys while the kids run around). I love this town. The evening turned out to be just as crazy as I suspected it would. I  got several texts asking me if I had […]

Human Sweatball (6857-6860)

Yesterday at Marlo’s training I experienced what is common among my beginning students: sweaty palms. It happens when I get nervous. Marlo taught a sample “beginner” class (although I’ve never been in a beginner class that required four-and-a- half minutes of solid dancing, climbs and castoff holds but she said was making it more interesting […]

Last Days of Disco (6745-6756)

I’m getting ready the big Halloween party I am throwing with some friends and I’m having a hard time focusing on writing. And I am just a tiny bit ticked off at Lonny for purchasing a five-foot in diameter disco ball. That’s five feet as in FEET. As in 60 inches across. In all directions. […]

Making Social Media Work For Me (6639-6648)

This is not a post about making big $$$ blogging. I have yet to figure that out. This is about harnessing the power of social media to write my posts for me. Ever since Ken achieved Pole God status, he’s been working hard on creating on-line pole tutorials and developing workshop curriculum. It’s been a […]

Colorado Pole Championship Faves (6461-6538)

The photos and videos from the Colorado Pole Championship that happened last weekend finally got uploaded. I could hardly wait to share my favorite performances of the evening, many of which also happened to also be the judges’ favorites. What I loved about the judging criteria is that the entire performance was taken into consideration. […]

Drunken Posting Redux (6344-6367)

Now that you all know that I can’t type to save my life, especially when drunk, I feel rested and recovered enough to tackle the translation of my notes from the Colorado Pole Competition. I said goodbye to David C. Owen this morning and am ready to go. His Spotting and Bailouts workshop yesterday was […]

The Good Doctor (6086-6101)

I’ve written a little about Ken Kao, Parkour enthusiast and newly minted Pole God before. He’s also a fantastic doctor, a chiropractor to be specific. I experienced some hip pain for the first time and scheduled an appointment with him to get to the bottom of it. After a one hour appointment I walked out of his […]