The Llama’s Pajamas and Chubby Chickens

People ask if having chickens is hard. The answer is that having chickens is easy until someone needs an enema.

My Hero (4777-4786)

I’m blogging from my bed and I’m not wearing any underwear. Seriously! TMI? Not really, if you have been keeping up with my tale of WI-FI woe. After crying uncle after two hours with Apple Support, I was able to suss out at least part of the problem: an old and bunk Airport Extreme. It […]

Scary Technology (1508-1527)

You may have noticed that I added a FAQ page to my menu bar along the top. I’ve wanted one of those forever but technology is sooo scary and it took me a few months to work up the nerve to figure it out. And I call myself a technocrat. I answered a few questions […]

Superman (1451-1461)

I was bumming out because yesterday I asked Zeb to take a picture of me holding the nasty dredlock and I looked really old. As in ugly old. As in, when I looked at the picture I wasn’t all, “Dear God! Look at that nasty two foot-long dred!” I was like, “Jesus Christ, I’d rather wake […]

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (1376-1393)

I’ve wondered if this breakneck pace of purging might sabotage the overall effort. Getting rid of stuff every day, and blogging every day, could be a recipe for burn-out. I feel like that crazy exercise/eating disorder person at the gym that everyone feels sorry for (okay, me) who worries that if she doesn’t work out […]