Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent (1205-1219)

I’ve noticed that most bloggers use pseudonyms when discussing their families and friends, to protect their – you know – privacy. This is funny because blogging is the most privacy busting thing you can do. Nonetheless, I guess I should create a little distance, at least when talking about my immediate family, before my blog BLOWS […]

Your Brain on Facebook

Your Brain on Facebook My friend Tabby wrote this piece and I had to repost. I considered stripping all the images and changing a few words and calling it my own, but this is way less work. We walk our dogs every day so many of the sentiments mirror the conversations that led us to […]

Why I Left Facebook (Items 464-514) Exterior spaces reflect interior states, this isn’t news to me. The more I clean up the space outside me, the more I want to make space available inside me. To that end I have gotten off Facebook. I noticed that 2 out of 3 times I am on Facebook, I am either 1) disappointed […]