4 Reasons Why I’m Mad At Lonny and the World (5590-5614)

Here is why I am mad at Lonny, and the world, today. 1) I was walking the dog at 5 in the morning because a) he’s an asshole and apparently that’s when assholes get up, b) it is hotter than fuck once the sun rises, and c) it is unlikely I’ll encounter anyone else that […]

Omens of Great Portent (5520-5589)

I knew that today was going to be awesome from the moment I cracked open the egg for the boys’ breakfast. It’s a double yolker and from one of the new girls! I wasn’t expecting it because it was a white egg and I’m prejudiced against white eggs. I’m a reverse racist when it comes to eggs. […]

Double Yolker! (4687-4688)

One of my girls is knocking herself out. I don’t know which one she is, but I am deeply sympathetic to what she went through to lay my breakfast for me. Holy shit! Look at that big boy on the right! This is from one of our more “mature” ladies who is dead set on […]