Kitchen Unicorn

Guest starring in someone’s kitchen is like being an Unicorn. I get to play with new tools and sample new dishes without having to deal with the marital disaster I leave in my wake. Not that I would know.

Vicious Dog Warning (4508-4536)

This morning Lonny and I took Blue out to Teller Lake for a little walkie-poo. It’s a Green Tag area which means that if your dog is under complete sight and voice control, you can get a tag that allows them to be off-leash in designated areas. Blue isn’t even remotely under sight and voice […]

Illegal Dog-Fighting Ring Uncovered!!!

My money is on the small, black one. This might be one of the reasons why Blue doesn’t play well with others. He’s used to running over Pugs and Werm and they just tell him off. He likes it and they don’t seem to mind, aside from the snarling and yapping. Given how excited they […]