Crotch Aggression

I’m not saying that he is normally a nice dog because that would be going too far. He’s an okay dog, but put him in a comfortable crotch and he turns into a monster.

Blood Sucking Vampires and Cannibal Chickens

We have some problems with the other flock pecking at each other so now when the Silkies go to the Coop du Jour to range during the day, Annabel the Cannibal goes to solitary confinement at the Poulet Rouge until her Pinless Peepers arrive.

Last Drunk Post of the Year

A Bat Mitzvah was the perfect thing for me to do on NYE and still be able to be in bed and/or drunk posting by 9:00.

Doggy Diaper (4799-4809)

Hey, guess what? The English Patient is peeing all over my house! Fucker. I felt bad about calling Tabby to see if she could find someone else to take him but she would have been mad at me if I hadn’t. She said someone “requested is presence” (idiot) but she didn’t want to leave him […]