Celebrating One Year of Cutting the Crap!

I have been composing this blog in my head for about a month, yet I’m having a surprising amount of difficulty writing it down. Pussy Galore might be partially responsible. I could say a lot about this last year, and I assure you that I will, but first I’ll share a dream with you. About […]

One More Day (7293-7304)

I got this little reminder today, as if I wasn’t counting down the days. I must have entered that into my calendar a year ago as a supreme act of optimism. I am as surprised as anyone that this blog didn’t suffer the fate of most blogs: a strong start followed shortly by a subdued […]

Drop and Give Me Twenty (7279-7292)

I’m still on my anti-consumerism kick, but you can call me Scrooge if you like. It won’t hurt my feelings. As you may know, I’ve pledged to not buy anything during the holiday season with a few exceptions. What about home made gifts? HA! I’ve gone down that path before. I used to make handmade […]

Holiday Anti-Consumer Pledge (7262-7278)

I am taking a pledge to not buy anything during the holiday season with a few exceptions: Food and necessities like toilet paper and sunscreen Two gifts each for my children (from me AND Lonny) A bed (but I promise it will be from a thrift store) Yep, that’s it. Keep in mind that I […]

Thanksgiving Hangover

Thanksgiving was such a lovely day! We started by taking the boys to a neighborhood Thanksgiving parade (i.e. the adults drink Bloody Marys while the kids run around). I love this town. The evening turned out to be just as crazy as I suspected it would. I  got several texts asking me if I had […]

Thanksgiving Day Post (7259-7261)

It’s 6:37AM and I’m in my new room watching the sun come up while writing. It’s a dream come true! I have spent more time in my new office than I could have every imagined, and it’s not even done. This room has morphed into a tiny house inside a large house. You may have […]

Dead Man’s Soup (4786-4811)

I was a little peckish last night but too lazy to make anything meaningful. I dug a can of Amy’s soup out of my pantry and remembered that Lonny picked it up at an estate sale. It’s a dead man’s soup. He was a disturbed soul. He believed in the end of the world according […]

Spamalot (4777-4786)

Here’s the deal. I am hard to embarrass. Rather, I put myself in embarrassing situations in order to avoid letting someone else do the honors. Like today, for instance. I wore a Lululemon outfit at the last POLEder Boulder which Harmy thought was pretty amusing. It was billed as a “Hot Yoga” outfit but I saw it […]

Spring Break Purgatory (3321-3352)

It’s the first day of Spring Break and I already feel like I am in purgatory. We got dumped on today which makes me happy for the water table but sad for my sorry ass. Already my kids are driving me crazy and I don’t even have one down, with nine to go. The dog […]