What Does It Take

I managed a brief conversation with Ray from Philly who is an electrical engineer visiting a water treatment plant in Broomfield. That happened sometime between when I sent the angry text and the ladies showed up

Kitchen Bitches

If you are feeling all boo-hoo that you weren’t invited, I posted many photos of the party as it was going on and you know you could have shown up to, um, borrow a cup of sugar

I Can’t Sleep

Hackers have not taken over my account. This is me blogging at 3AM which is almost as good as me drunk posting.

Staying Out of Trouble

I haven’t been blogging this week because, frankly, there is nothing to blog about. I spent the entire week driving the kids to Sunflower Farms camp in Longmont. Even though it is only a 20 minute drive, between the commute, getting everyone settled, and driving back it’s easily a one hour endeavor. It’s worth it, though. […]

Hug It Out

Loony? Are you there? Don’t read this. I’m feeling all angsty about the dumbest parent/teacher conference ever today. Schools have gotten all new-agey and inclusive about the conferences, a day on the calendar that stuck fear into my soul because I knew … KNEW … that the grownups were talking shit about me while I […]

Low Hanging Fruit (5689-5726)

One year ago today I was doing the exact same thing. I took a pole class and then I stopped at KFC to pick up some chicken. Every Labor Day my neighborhood has a potluck and last year I had the genius idea of bringing a bucket of KFC. My reasoning was that Boulder is […]