Holiday Trifecta

I found these two memes on the internet. Together they reflect the highs and lows of motherhood, especially when you look at the context which is always, and forever, humor.

Kitchen Bitches

If you are feeling all boo-hoo that you weren’t invited, I posted many photos of the party as it was going on and you know you could have shown up to, um, borrow a cup of sugar

There Are No Pictures of Pole Dancers In This Post

Look, I’m super sorry that I haven’t posted about Pole Expo in Vegas yet but that weekend was a beast. It was way fun and highly bloggable but I have a zillion pictures and videos to edit before I can post a blog. But I will give you this as an appetizer … Depending on […]

Occupational Hazard (1751-1765)

I am performing at a fundraiser for Tabby’s non-profit this Saturday at Shine. It has been a rocky road to this event. When I first signed on I was teaching, since then my relationship with the studio ended and I found myself without a home and a community to encourage my progress. It takes a lot of courage […]