Colorado Pole Championship Faves (6461-6538)

The photos and videos from the Colorado Pole Championship that happened last weekend finally got uploaded. I could hardly wait to share my favorite performances of the evening, many of which also happened to also be the judges’ favorites. What I loved about the judging criteria is that the entire performance was taken into consideration. […]

Drunken Posting Redux (6344-6367)

Now that you all know that I can’t type to save my life, especially when drunk, I feel rested and recovered enough to tackle the translation of my notes from the Colorado Pole Competition. I said goodbye to David C. Owen this morning and am ready to go. His Spotting and Bailouts workshop yesterday was […]

Drunk Post (6334-6343)

I attended the first ever Colorado Pole Championship last night. I don’t even know how to start talking about it. Let’s just say I screamed too loudly, drank to much and went to bed way too late and woke up realizing I have a workshop with David this afternoon. I have the hurt on me. […]