Chicken Coops, Little Free Libraries, and Doing Whatever I Want

If I lived within an HOA, absolutely none of my improvements would have been approved. Not the paint, not the coop, not the library, not the art, not the murals, not the animals, nothing.

Feline Assphyxiation

That Fucking Cat strikes again! Last night a muffled cry of MOM MOM MOM! came from the boys’ room. Naturally I dropped everything and ran to their aid. Ha ha ha … no. I went into their room with a camera, natch. Testiclese was in bed with That Fucking Cat sitting on his face and he had […]

Kale, Quinoa, Avocados, Oh My!

Ever since David C. Owen first arrived on my doorstep a year ago, I’ve made the care and feeding of visiting pole artists and instructors my thing. After all, I want them to love Boulder and the studio so much that they are dying to come back after they tell all their friends. Tracee Kafer […]

Work, Work, and More Work

Yesterday I picked the boys up from school wearing what I thought was a pretty sassy outfit: black leg warmers over black leggings, ankle boots, those little boot covers with the pom-pom cat-toy ties, and a rock t-shirt. It was very cute and not quite as pre-teen as it sounds. Anyway, Shawna was like, “What’s […]