Colorado Pole Championship 2016

It’s those bleary early morning and late night conversations that are rewarding and memorable. When the eyelashes are off and the hair is in a ponytail is when I get to see the complex individual behind the carefully crafted public persona.

Pole Theater USA, Part 1: Fryelife

Part one of a very important (har) three-part series recap of the Pole Theater USA experience.

There Are No Pictures of Pole Dancers In This Post

Look, I’m super sorry that I haven’t posted about Pole Expo in Vegas yet but that weekend was a beast. It was way fun and highly bloggable but I have a zillion pictures and videos to edit before I can post a blog. But I will give you this as an appetizer … Depending on […]

Last Days of Summer

You might as well stop reading unless you are Stefé or Pamcakes or Harmy. My blog is as much a diary/photo album and this one is probably only interesting to me, but I don’t want to forget the beautiful last days of this summer. There is part of me that fears memory loss, which is […]

This Is Your Wake-Up Call (4864-4882)

Testiclese: “Mama?” Me: “I’m standing right here. What’s up?” Testiclese: “Mama, I was wondering if, uh …” Me: Patience. Patience is a virtue. “Yes. You were wondering what?” Testiclese: “Hey Mama, I, um, I, well.” Me:  Sigh. “Spit it out, son.” Testiclese: “Uh, Mama, how long ago was 2001?” Me: Easy one. Whew. “Let’s see. 2013 minus 2001 is 12 years.” Testiclese: “And, […]

Savor the Memories (4498-4507)

It’s the weekend which means Kiddy Birthday Parties Galore. On the one hand, it is E-Z parenting. All I have to do is show up and let someone else feed and entertain my kids for a couple hours. Bonus! Today was Harmy’s daughter’s birthday so I could kick it in the shade while chatting up […]

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (4237-4246)

I was going to write about how I opened the paper to see that a guy I once knew was arrested for attempting to murder his neighbors by setting their house on fire while they slept. Geez, why am I not dating this guy? He seems perfect for me! But then something way more exciting […]

Smell The Glove (3382-3392)

Posting pictures of my piles of stuff of is very much like dogshaming, only I call it vivshaming. All those useless things I’ve accumulated over the years are like giant, steaming turds on the carpet. I play dual schizophrenic roles of the contrite dog and the furious um, animal guardian (this is Boulder, you’ll get […]

My Bloody Valentine (1966-1975)

It’s Valentine’s Day! In honor of the most overhyped pseudo-holiday of the year I shall write a touching meditation on love. This morning at Mt. Sanitas I witnessed what had to be the most unbridled display of passion ever. Something with big teeth and claws had taken down a deer about 20 yards off the trail […]