First Week of Summer: Bolder Boulder, Baby Goats, Not Dead Animals, Foxes, Hiking, and Bald Chiweenies

I mean, OF COURSE I have a half naked dog with a mysterious skin condition. It seems like being high maintenance and weird is a requiremnt of being close to me.

You Get To See Linda Twerking

I couldn’t think of a better title but I figured this might get my stats booming … … but you are going to have to endure pictures of my dog first … … “Nitro” limbering up for his turn on the pole at the POLEder Boulder … … me showing of my extremely muscular nostrils and […]

Poling for 50,000 at the Bolder Boulder

Monday, May 28, 2012 I take pole dancing classes and teach at a small studio in Boulder called Boulder Spirals. It’s in its’ fledgling years and we instructors are tasked with promoting the crap out of our classes. It’s not a perfect system but if we want to teach, we better make sure we are doing […]