One Day (6881-6884)

This is another blog I’m going to get in under the wire. It was one of those days where I questioned my commitments about every second of the day. I offered to host a small dinner gathering for Lara Michaels, a New York pole instructor who is in town to teach at Vertical Fusion. I […]

Weird Load (6800-6801)

T minus one day until showtime. This party is such a monster. A gorgeous, huge, glittery monster. Part of me can’t wait for it to be over so I can stop freaking out all the time. But Friday will be awesome. The crown jewel of the event was safely removed from 20 feet up by […]

Check Me Out (5485-5519)

Tuesday is my new favorite night. With the opening of Vertical Fusion in Boulder, I have a place to take lessons and grow as a dancer. I’ve been taking pole technique classes, often starting over at the beginning to get back up to speed and feel confident again. The lights are up, the classes are […]

Embarrassing Videos (5125-5126)

I can’t face my house. I can’t face it because I can’t stand anyone in it right now, including me. Instead I hid out in the pole studio and goofed off with the funnest group of people you could find. Lemony was there but she was being all business owner-like and doing work. Tsk. That […]

Maximum Adaptability (4778-4776)

It’s a slow news day which is good. I’ve been extra angsty but I managed to work it all out and now I can focus on the things that matter, like how stupid my dog is. I caught him doing this today. Maybe it’s because his water is too low. Danes need to have their […]