Tactical Pooper

I hope one day he will become a writer. Not because I think being a writer makes you special or worthy, but because I really like what he has to say and the way he says it.

Mental Health Check

I don’t want to be person who is on anti-depressants her whole life but when I go off of them I am overwhelmed with negative thinking. I see the connections between those thoughts and the lonely life my mother leads. I hear her voice in my head criticizing everyone around me, convincing me that I don’t belong, that I am different, that I am better off without them.

My Last Word on Short Term Rental and Advocacy in Boulder

I tried to drunk post the other day. TWICE! I swear I pressed all the right buttons on my phone (once from the bathroom) but alas, it didn’t happen. Given the nature of drunk posts, I thought they were pretty good but (surprise!) I can’t remember what I wrote. Sorry Cao. Onto a more sobering […]

The Trouble With Mother’s Day

I sincerely hope you do not relate to this article, but think about it when comforting a friend who has suffered a difficult childhood. Today is not the day to pile on guilt, even if it is meant well, about the power of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Picking My Battles

I don’t usually give myself permission to not go to the gym and do all the things I feel I must do each day. I welcome my body telling me to lie down and close my eyes.

Idle Hands and Panic Attacks

It’s slow news around here these days. I think I need a big project otherwise I just waste my time dinking around on my computer making stupid videos, like this … I’m also taking lots of selfies with the dogs. The little dog being around is a fun distraction and the boys adore him. Testiclese is full-on […]

It’s Getting Ugly (3912-3921)

Today I decided that I would postpone my trip to help a friend sort through her basement. This is not a time for me to rush to anyone else’s rescue. Today, I need to save myself and tomorrow I promise to be funny again. She called me in a panic several months ago about the […]

If You Have to Be Mentally Ill to Blog Then I’m In (1952-1965)

Have you ever noticed that some of the funniest writers are crazy mentally ill? At least my favorite ones are. Their struggles with anxiety and depression are not foreign to me. My first foray into blogging was a private blog devoted to pictures and stories about my kids. Then Apple decided they didn’t feel like […]