Pandemic Dream

I dreamt I was on my way to a concert on foot. It was the winter and I was wearing a green coat I bought for college. The sidewalk was covered with snow and I had a lid or something to sled on. It was transcendently fun. I slid past people and then came upon […]

Happy Anniversary Bartleby

I just woke up from a barrage of tortured dreams that included: Trying to take dictation when I was only capable of remembering the last three words while typing onto an invisible keyboard Finding a teenage girl I was responsible for who kept moving higher and higher in a building with only stairs Talking her […]

You could say the stress is getting to me

Last year I threw a fundraiser for my kids’ PTA and it went really well but it was pretty much the most stressful thing ever. Maybe not ever, because let’s be real, it’s only a party. It’s not like I’m trying to escape Syria with my small children in the midst of horrendous violence and […]

Groundhog Day … and other anxieties

If things work out for me, that’s great. If they don’t, I’ll figure something else out. I’m going to try to not spend one more ounce of energy on emotions that don’t serve me, such as stressing over things I have no control over.

Cat Dream and Coping Strategies

A woman noticed the cat in my shopping cart and said, “Oh those cats really shed,” and I was like, “It’s not problem, I always pick up a few of these when I go to the store. I got the brown tabby thing down.”

Then I picked up eight labrador retrievers in varying colors and headed home while trying to figure out the logistics of walking all these fucking dogs.

FOMO and Crushing Anxiety

I woke up all sweaty and worn out from an evening of anxiety dreams. The heady mixture of “my” ballot initiative 2N being up for vote and the flurry of activity surrounding the process, the fear of imminent financial ruin, my parents in town (HI DAD! HI MAC!), Wilkins visiting, 200 people traipsing through my […]

Too Soon? (6825-6832)

My mind is a blank. It might have something to do with those two margaritas Lonny and I had at Pete’s just now. It’s my first foray into drinks since Friday and it still feels a bit too soon. We ran into a fellow party organizer and the conversation quickly turned to what we are […]

Take Back the Night (6589-6624)

Testiclese got up in the middle of the night to make a pit stop. Something about the way he walks by my bed, all belly first and hair rumpled … it breaks me down. On his way back to bed I pulled back the covers and invited him in for a cuddle. Seriously, snuggling my […]

Bad Hair Dream, With Visual Aids! (3497-3545)

It’s time for more anxiety dream fun with Viv! I love my haircut but it has one pitfall, because of the bangs it goes from cute to unmanageable overnight. I have an appointment with Penny (my hairdresser whom I  am in love with) to get it cut tomorrow but clearly it is on my nerves […]