Bonus: Maximum Karening

I’ve referred to the neighborhood social networking site Nextdoor a few times, it’s a place where people can post about garage sales, ask for recommendations for handymen, send out an alert about a lost pet (or in my case, a found one) but mostly it’s where people go to complain about their neighbors. Usually it […]

Love in the Time of Corona: Week 16ish

Sometimes I leave out details that might upset someone who reads my blog – and believe me, there are times when I wish it was anonymous – sometimes I am writing it from the perspective of the person I want to be, maybe putting the cart before the horse.

Love in the Time of Corona: Week 14

I exist in my bubble of comfort and privilege but I am keeping my eyes and mind open. I sometimes avert my gaze because it is overwhelming but I return to it. I am present and heartened to see things starting to shift. Go hard for Elijah, Breonna, George, and the countless unnamed victims of America’s most bitter and cruel legacy.

Love in the Time of Corona: Day 33ish

I’m giving myself one hour to write this post because I’M THAT BUSY. For real, it’s ridiculous. I pretty much make masks, do some mandatory self-care (walking, strength training, salad eating – which takes forever!) gourmet cooking for the boys and then sew, sew, sew. I go to bed exhausted. Easter was a bust because […]

Love in the Time of Corona: Day 20

I got this nifty little notification today. I guess that’s not happening, not that it’s all that pressing at this time. My biggest motivation to get my divorce finalized was to get my short-term rental license so I could rent out my little house on weekends to supplement my income. Who knows when the pandemic […]