Casey’s Graduation Trip – Day One

We left for Athens today, catching the bus at 2:00. Casey was confused, he thought our flight was departing at 5:30am and I was confused when he said he planned on not going to sleep the night before. He thought we were catching a 2am bus. The look of relief on his face was tangible […]


Even though we weren’t comfortable, we really had to get along with each other. Given how much things have changed in our living situation with me all over the place at all times, it felt right to connect.

Morocco Days 10 & 11: Final Days

I am grateful for that flutter of a butterfly’s wing that set off the random chain of events that brought me here. It started with seeing a repost of Jo’s bohemian interior decor on someone else’s Instagram feed feed, following her for a year on social media, then deciding to take a leap of faith to go to Morocco with her.

Day 5 & 6: Essaouira and Salut Maroc!

Every single room in Salut Maroc was unique, decorated with antiques and tiled in the the most vibrant colors. Not a single corner was neglected, each room a piece of art. We spent the first hour touring each other’s rooms and taking pictures. It was an absolute feast for the eyes.