Welcoming the Fall

One might think that it would be hard to say goodbye to the fantasy existence that was my summer of travel, camping, and beauty, but it isn’t. That shit is exhausting and I as much as I love living in my alternate universe, I’m pretty damn happy with my real life.

I Might Have A Concussion

I’m just as likely to be feeling ill due to stress, over exertion, poor sleep and being old. But frankly, having Zika just sounds more exotic than being old and I can leverage something out of Loony if I pin it on him.

I Slay Garages, Crawlspaces and Basements

Rachel astutely pointed out that if this was going to cause a huge fucking fight, I might as well make it count. I decided to go for the trifecta of purging: the basement and crawlspace, laundry room, and garage.


If you’ve been following my blog for more than a year, you’ve been through the divestment process with me. You were there while I sold, donated, gifted, recycled and tossed over 7300 items in one year. The end was bittersweet. I doubled my original goal of chucking ten items a day for 365 days and I walked […]

Happy To See You (7377-7391)

I was about to craft a cynical post about stupid shit that makes me cranky, my milieu if you will, but then I got some really good news and I just couldn’t work up a good head of hatred and anger. Not when my friend is HAVING A BABY!!! I love babies, which may come […]

Womb Envy (7366-7376)

My house is seriously fucked up right now. Nineteen days of kids on break and a cold snap that’s keeping Loony out of the garage has this place looking like it was hit by a tornado. Or maybe it was hit by a Sharknado. We watched this last night at the behest of Goodwood and […]

Why Pole Dancing is the Best New Year’s Resolution (7363-7365)

It’s the new year and I’m getting on those resolutions. So far, I’m killing it. I Except for the Lemony part, I need to have her and Joe over soon. My first resolution was to pole dance more and learn new tricks. I decided to leave out lofty ambitions like becoming a completely different person […]

Will It Shred (7357-7360)

I’ve had quite a weekend, nothing fun I assure you. My dad and step-mom are arriving shortly so I need to get this up and go. Tabby is still in England so I have Chiquita. I’m in love with that stupid dog. This video is for her. Sorry about the strange framing. Chicky is having […]

Questionable Meat (7337-7356)

Loony: Oh my god! What’s that terrible smell? Is it Blue’s face? Me: It’s dinner, motherfucker. I’m making cod cakes. Loony: Jesus … are they safe to eat? Me: Relax, I’ll cook them for a long time. These are actually really good. COD CAKES Be sure to let the cod cakes firm up in the […]

How Cats Get Away With Being A$$holes (7335)

The Fucking Cat has gotten into the toilet paper, yet again. Don’t chide me about this. I have no problem keeping the shower door closed. It’s someone else in this house who has the problem. Yet still, she continues to be a part of our family. Why? WHY?! Here’s why. She’s damn cute. Here she […]