Staying Sane

It’s 7am and the table is set for dinner tonight. I have not lost my mind. This is how I keep Loony from piling shit recently acquired treasures on my dining room table. If I set the table, he can’t dump armloads of clothes he just bought on it. Plus, THAT’S WHAT THE WAREHOUSE IS FOR! […]


If you’ve been following my blog for more than a year, you’ve been through the divestment process with me. You were there while I sold, donated, gifted, recycled and tossed over 7300 items in one year. The end was bittersweet. I doubled my original goal of chucking ten items a day for 365 days and I walked […]

Coming In For A Landing

Yesterday I recalled a funny  airplane anecdote: After a bumpy descent and a rough landing, a passenger on the plane remarked, “Did we land or were we shot down?” That’s kind of how I felt yesterday returning home. This is despite the best efforts of our house sitters. Sometimes shit happens. Saturday was Maggie and Pablo’s […]

Chocolate or Vanilla? There is No Wrong Answer

This vacation has been very GO! GO! GO! until we got to New Hampshire and it then it was STOP! I’m used to perpetual motion but relaxing? Not so much. But I’m working on it. For instance, the Frye family got to witness hell freeze over when I sat down and played a few hands of […]

Blog Faster!

The other day I was hanging out at Wu’s house, consoling him about his busted Achille’s tendon while his wife got the baby ready to go on a walk with me. “I have four children now,” she texted me along with a picture of Jeff lying on the couch with his leg propped up and […]

Natasha Wang Keeps Getting Mistaken For Me …

… it happens all the time. I had recent uptick in my Process of Elimination project after a rather lengthy hiatus. You’d want a break, too, after getting rid of crap every day for a year! There is part of me that resists finishing projects, I’m not sure where it comes from but suffice to […]

And Just Like That … They Grew Up

I love having friends that get me. Like My Pregnant Friend or Mistress of the Timpano or her preferred moniker, Awesome Sauce, which is by far the most appropriate. She is completely awesome. She’s preggers with her first baby and has come to me for advice. Crazy, right? So I brought up the very important […]

Superblow 2014 (7395-7404)

A lot happened these past few days but I’ll cut right to the chase. I hosted my usual Superbowl party, the main event for me being the food-like substances that I would usually not allow into my kitchen. Once a year I enjoy wallowing in it, though. It was a disastrous game for Broncos fans […]

Future Robotic Greetings (7395-7405)

It’s a video day. I’m trying to get back into being a responsible adult so I spent the entire day going through my old mail and papers. Ever since I got a bookkeeper, I hardly open my mail anymore. I don’t have to, right? But then it piles up which is generally a bad thing. […]

Litter Kwitter: Day 1

A long time ago I said I was going to toilet train That Fucking Cat. Then the holidays hit and I didn’t think it would be a good idea to take one bathroom off-line while I had guests staying with us. I finished the clumping litter she uses in her regular box and decided that now […]