Not Vagina

When I was trying to explain to my bookkeeper what the Michi, Lululemon, Lucy and Acrovita expenses were about, I multitasked by deleting pictures from my bloated iPhoto file and I came across this beauty.

Pole Theater USA, Pt 3: My Faves

I realize that Pole Theater was, like, a month ago and this is old news but as usual life gets in the way of blogging. The first reading of City Council’s draft ordinance was last week and I promised myself that I wouldn’t get caught up in excessive flailing about and gnashing of teeth. If […]

Pole Theater USA, Part 1: Fryelife

Part one of a very important (har) three-part series recap of the Pole Theater USA experience.

You Get To See Linda Twerking

I couldn’t think of a better title but I figured this might get my stats booming … … but you are going to have to endure pictures of my dog first … … “Nitro” limbering up for his turn on the pole at the POLEder Boulder … … me showing of my extremely muscular nostrils and […]

Kale, Quinoa, Avocados, Oh My!

Ever since David C. Owen first arrived on my doorstep a year ago, I’ve made the care and feeding of visiting pole artists and instructors my thing. After all, I want them to love Boulder and the studio so much that they are dying to come back after they tell all their friends. Tracee Kafer […]

Cringe Party Redux

If you are easily offended (and have managed to stay with my blog) stop reading now. If you are a relative, please stop reading now. If you aren’t 18, please stop reading now. You’ve been warned. The First Annual Cringe Party was a complete success. I say first annual because I want this to be […]

24 Hour Party Person

I haven’t been posting lately because I have been too busy partying my ass off. Who knew that 40 could be so crazy? A mom from the school came up to me at pick up and said, “I have a random request. Me: Shoot. Her: Can you find a man and a woman to dress […]

I Really Didn’t Need To Hear That (6893-6895)

Today I was walking Blue and minding my own business when I came upon a tree that was blown over during a recent windstorm. It took out part of a fence but I was more curious about a rather sizable chunk of honeycomb that had been dislodged. Lonny and I used to keep bees until […]

Worst 1st Grade Party/Pole Fail Ever: Part 2 (6659-6669)

Where did I leave off? Oh, right. The party was trucking along and no one was bleeding. Yet. 5:00 rolled around and my 10 year-old helper showed up to commandeer the Banana Split Project. I cribbed Kelly’s idea from the third grade party and even borrowed her “equipment” for the evening, a 10 foot-long 4″ […]

Making Social Media Work For Me (6639-6648)

This is not a post about making big $$$ blogging. I have yet to figure that out. This is about harnessing the power of social media to write my posts for me. Ever since Ken achieved Pole God status, he’s been working hard on creating on-line pole tutorials and developing workshop curriculum. It’s been a […]