Look at me now

Last night I was told that I was a beautiful writer but that my most recent post was almost painful to read. Welp, mission accomplished. I have no interest in humor or drunken antics or wardrobe malfunctions. I am only interested in brutal honesty with myself. I imagine it was hard to read, especially for […]

I might still be alive

Hi. I haven’t written in several months, mostly because I don’t know where to start, because there is so much. Is it okay if I just gloss over some shit and circle back later because I don’t feel like playing catch-up? I have to establish some things and I’m sorry if this is news to […]

Escape Room

My bathroom is not large by any means, and all I could think at the time was, WHERE ARE THE CATS? WHY AREN’T THEY IN HERE, TOO?

Nothing Says Thanksgiving Like Neuticles

And to think that MPT was super stressed out that I would blog about a pretty amazing conversation we had about her butthole the other day. I’m classier than that. I try to only share my secret weird obsessions.

EDM, THC, and Sick Shade

Lately I’ve been more into doing things than writing about them. The breakneck pace I’ve been keeping since June has finally come to a halt and I can focus my energies inward rather than getting ready for the next big trip/event/guest. I am grateful for all my experiences and wouldn’t miss seeing my guests for […]

Is Anyone Out There? In There?

We talked. First about her, then about me. I talked to her about what it’s like to care for someone with advancing dementia.